A broadcast studio in your browser

Live stream and record professional video content in just a few clicks

How businesses remove the need to hire
a full broadcast team

Broadcast-quality video content from your browser that improves your marketing and events –
without a producer, director or technical crew
Quality video that engages your audience

Live streaming creates an immediate connection with your audience. Nobody wants that to be interrupted by poor video! With pro-quality live streaming you can delight your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Build a brand that people remember

When people have a positive experience with your video content, they remember – and tell their friends. Reliable live streaming enables you to create content that keeps your brand at the front of your audience’s mind.

Don’t compromise your brand standards

Anyone with a smartphone or internet connection can stream… so it’s pretty easy to look like everyone else! But great video, slick graphics and high-quality audio, takes it to another level – which is just what your audience expects.

Reduce COST

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising experience

Beam removes the need to travel, saves carbon emissions and engages remote team and clients via online events and presentations


Wow your audience

Seamless video production with Beam generates memorable content that connects with your community


Brand-boosting video

Stream live or pre-record, Beam enables you to brand all your video output in the moment, no tech team required

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